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About us

durable tools - functional accessories - natural fertilizer - strong seeds

A garden shop for conscious people. Only selected products, made with knowledge and passion, ecologically and with respect for workers' rights in factories in Europe. Essentials and helpers for experienced gardeners, home plant lovers and everyone in between. Those who own a sunny window sill, a small balcony, or a garden of any size. For those who want to plant a meadow and grow their own tomatoes.


Our selection criteria

Durable & Sustainable

When selecting our products, very important to us are longevity and associated with it sustainability. We make sure that the equipment and tools are designed to last many years. Therefore, we pay particular attention to the fact that the materials used are of the highest quality and that the manufacturing process takes place with the necessary "know-how", with a lot of dedication and the necessary respect for the environment and people. High-quality products have a higher price, yet they are more cost effective, since buying cheap, you buy twice, and easy-destroyed products end up fast in the landfill.

Functional & aesthetic 

Our product must be functional. We want you to take benefit from the idea, experience and skills of our producers. Feel how comfortable, fast and efficient work becomes when you have the right tools in your hand. Feel how you can work without straining your back yet bringing genuine results. Our producers create manually or in small factories, with love and attention to detail, which result in functional and beautiful items. You will not hide our tools and accessories deep in the closet.

Local & fair

All our products are made in European Union and Great Britain. We want to support and promote local and family businesses in Europe. The transparency of these companies plays a central role. We want to know how the price of our products is determined. We want to know that the people involved in the creation of the products, from the idea to the design to manufacture, are rewarded and treated fairly. We want to know that our products are manufactured with respect for environment and with natural materials.

What do we stand for

There is a gardener in each of us

Gardening is not an unattainable art. With the right tips and equipment at hand, anybody can do it. The most important thing is to get started. Immerse yourself in your gardening adventure, start to enjoy everything that grows and blooms, and finally taste your own tomato. A garden can be cultivated by anyone, be it in the garden, on the balcony or on the windowsill, and we want to help you with this wonderful adventure.\

Live and experience diversity

Nature is not monotonous, it is colourful and full of life, we want you to live and experience this diversity. A great diversity of plants enriches your garden in all areas, it strengthens your small ecosystem in a natural way. A variety of creatures will benefit from such a retreat and do their part to preserve this place. Experience and feel this diversity with all your senses and you will be amazed of how wonderful it can be.

Sustainable gardening, in harmony with nature

For every gardener, the most important thing are the health and vitality of his plants. We want to show you that it can be achieved in harmony with nature, without the use of chemicals. By following the principles of permaculture, with the right tips and natural tools, you can keep your plants strong and healthy without damaging your garden's delicate ecosystem. We want to help you grow your plants in a sustainable way and in harmony with nature.


How everything began

It all started with our small bistro and organic shop in the beautiful South Tyrolean Alps. We wanted to build an oasis of well-being for our guests, a place of relaxation and recreation. Nature helped us create this place, the Virginia creeper on our brickwork, the native wildflowers, the scent of rosemary, thyme and mint, the hum of bees and bumblebees, the visit of butterflies and doves, the beautiful play of colors of the Virginia creeper in the autumn. It was clear to us that we wanted to create a place like this for ourselves. Soon on our balcony it began to grow, smell, bloom and hum and a short time later we started our first small garden.

We literally tasted what gardening means and we can't get rid of that taste. Our life path led us to Warsaw, where the idea of ​​Roots Garden Store was born during the pandemic years. Now we want to help you create such oases with the right equipment and valuable tips. When building our garden shop, we follow the same values that accompanied us in our previous projects. Important for us are longevity and sustainability as well as the locality of our products. We are at the beginning of this thrilling new journey, and we are excited to work with you to create places of relaxation, rejuvenation and full of flavour and life.

Yours, Maya and Harald

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