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Strong seeds for healthy plants

By choosing the right seeds, you lay the foundation for healthy and resilient plants. Our seeds contain the identical characteristics as the mother plant, which have been tested for these criteria, as well as for high germination and sprouting ability and harvest security. These are seedfast species (non-hybrid) from organic and biodynamic cultivation, which gives you the opportunity to harvest and reuse the seeds.

*Note: The selection is currently very limited, the new seeds will come at the end of the year or beginning of 2023

In our online shop you will find seeds of high organic and Demeter quality and only seedfast species (non-hybrid). You will find flower seeds, vegetable seeds, aromatic and medicinal herbs as well as special types of vegetables that are particularly suitable for growing in pots at home or on the balcony and terrace.
The cornerstone for a healthy and strong growth of every plant lies in the seed. Therefore it is important to us to offer you high-quality seeds that contain the following properties:
- Seedfast species (non-hybrid)
- Organic & Demeter quality
- High germination, sprouting ability & harvest security
- Regionality, variety & transparency
Seedfast species (non-hybrid)
One of the most important points for us is that our seeds are seedfast species (non-hybrid). This means you can harvest and reuse the seeds. The identical characteristics of the parent plants will be passed on unchanged. This is not the case with hybrid seeds or genetically modified seeds, this so-called F1 seeds don?t give you the possibility to reuse them so you are forced to buy new ones every year. Seed companies want to use this to bind farmers and gardeners to themselves. This is accompanied by a dwindling number of seedfast varieties, so it is important to preserve and promote these varieties and the knowledge of growing and harvesting those seeds.
Organic & Demeter
We want to promote the organic, biodynamic, and regenerative cultivation of plants, and this cultivation starts with choosing the right seeds. It is therefore important to us that our seeds are certified accordingly, to ensure that our seeds come from farms that treat the earth, plants, animals, and people with respect.
High germination, sprouting ability & harvest security
It is important to us that our seeds are tested for germination and sprouting ability. To check the germination capacity, a certain proportion of the seeds are germinated under optimal conditions and the number of seeds that have germinated is then evaluated. The sprouting ability, on the other hand, is a stress test for the seeds, and sprouting is tested under difficult conditions. It is also important that our seeds come from cultivations that have been tested for high harvest security and have been selected by shape, color, taste, and aroma.
Regionality, variety & transparency
We want to support and promote native varieties and contribute to the preservation of seedfast varieties (non-hybrid) and the knowledge of seed propagation. The regionality of the seed is very important to us because these cultivations are better adapted to the different regional characteristics and are used in local propagation farms.
A large variety of seedfast varieties (non-hybrid) promotes their preservation and enriches the diversity in our garden and to ensure the survival of old varieties. The transparency and traceability of the seeds is very important to us, we want to know who the people behind these propagation companies are.

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